We're the Naked Hippies!

and we won't let you keep waiting for "Someday"

Just who are the Naked Hippies and what is
The Naked Hippies Way?

Imagine this … going wherever you want,
with whomever you want,

and for as long as you want.

Imagine living life on your own terms instead of being enslaved
by a job that gives you a little breath of freedom every weekend
and two weeks out of the year.

That’s what we imagined,
dreamed of and
planned to do…
for the rest of our lives

and now …

Now we ARE doing it!

We are free!

We are fulltime RVers, known as the Naked Hippies
who live in a pickup camper,
traveling on the never-ending roadtrip …

from the back roads, to the cities; through the desert,
on top of mountains, along the coast, in the midst of the redwoods
and canyons and sand dunes,
we travel to explore, discover, and experience
ALL this beautiful world has to offer.

We absolutely LOVE our life!

If you haven’t yet read the story of how this dream unfolded,
grab your copy of
“RV LIVING The Naked Hippies Way:
Live Your Dreams, Don’t Wait for “Someday.”

The message I want you to be sure to hear right now is this …

you can live your dreams, too.

Whatever you desire to do –
you know, that niggling,

that keeps tugging at you –
is waiting for you to start your journey.

Listen, we didn’t have all our ducks lined up in a row
when we started out.

We took a leap of faith …

and here we are, traveling, loving
the life that we always dreamed of living.

We did it – you can too!

We meet a lot of people as we travel, and the conversations always turn
to how we travel and live and work on the open road.

This lifestyle of freedom is what most people long for as they drag themselves
to work, day after day, year after year … hoping, wishing, dreaming they could
just GO. Get away. See the world.

Nearly everyone says, “I wish I could do what you are doing.”

We smile, we tell them that they absolutely can.
But, then, the excuses start to pop up:

“Oh, I can’t until I retire in 10 years.”

“Oh, I’ve got so much stuff in my house, I wouldn’t know what to do with all of it.”

“But, I need to make money to afford to hit the road like you have.”

Still smiling, we assure them they absolutely can, because
we used to have the same excuses UNTIL …

… Until we decided that waiting for “someday” would keep us stuck
in a life that was draining our time and energy; that all the “stuff” in
our house was weighing us down; that with a laptop and a smart phone,
we could work from anywhere!

And so, The Naked Hippies Way began to evolve through everything
we tried and did to break free so we COULD live on the never-ending
roadtrip. … and so we can help you do it, too.

The Naked Hippies Way could be summed up in one word:


But, there is more to say about The Naked Hippies Way. You can call this
a manifesto, a declaration, a creed, a code if you’d like.

We just call it The Naked Hippies Way:

The Naked Hippies Way 

A way of being and doing life that puts your life,
your happiness, your freedom in YOUR control:

By stripping off the weight of society’s rules and expectations …

By doing what you love, doing what makes your soul sing
and your eyes glisten with happiness …

By breaking free from a stalled, stuck 9-5 cubicle life …

By creating your own path to your own FREEDOM …

By not waiting for “Someday” …

By remembering how to imagine and play …

By living simply – collecting experiences, not things …

By allowing Nature to soothe, teach, heal and guide you …

By leaving every place you visit and every one you encounter better
than you found them …

By seeing and being grateful for all the gifts and miracles of each moment.

And so it is, and always will be our way and perhaps yours, too. 

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