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The Naked Hippies Way


A way of being and doing life that puts your life,
your happiness, your freedom in YOUR control


Imagine … going wherever you want, with whomever you want, and for as long as you want.

Imagine … living life on your own terms instead of being enslaved by a job that gives you a little breath of freedom every weekend and two weeks out of the year.

That’s what we imagined vividly, desired with fervent passion, and believed would happen with every fiber of our being.

and  …

Now we ARE doing it!

We are free!

Read how our dream of a travel lifestyle came true in my book
“RV LIVING The Naked Hippies Way: Live Your Dreams, Don’t Wait for “Someday.”

There’s a reason you found The Naked Hippies.

It’s your time … if you’re ready

ready for …

A life of travel.
A life of simplicity.
A life of freedom.
A life of giving and receiving abundance.
A life of adventure.
A life of doing what you love.

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Give it a voice.
Paint the picture.
Let it dance through other hearts and minds.
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