Meet the Naked Hippies!

It don't get any better than this ... until it does! -Trisha Barnes

We’re here to help you break free
we did it and you can too!

We’re delighted you found the Naked Hippies Roadtrip! 

Imagine this … going wherever you want, with whomever you want, and for as long as you want.

Imagine living life on your own terms instead of being enslaved by a job that gives you a little breath of freedom every weekend and two weeks out of the year.

That’s what we imagined, dreamed of and planned to do for the rest of our lives and now …

Now we ARE doing it!  We are free!

We are fulltime RVers, known as the Naked Hippies … living in our pickup camper, traveling on the never-ending roadtrip …

using our laptop and cell phone to enchant and inspire you to live your dream NOW!   

The Naked Hippies travel everywhere ... work from wherever their camper is parked. It's a dream come true.
From sea to shining sea, through the desert, on top of mountains, along the coast, in the midst of the redwoods, we travel to explore, discover, experience ALL of it!

We absolutely LOVE our life!

If you haven’t yet read the story of how this dream unfolded, grab the free ebook here.

The message I want you to be sure to hear right now is this … you can live your dreams, too.

Whatever you desire to do – you know, that niggling, won’t-be-silent-dream that keeps tugging at you – is waiting for you to start the journey.

Naked Hippies Roadtrip is our dream ... it keeps getting better and better!
When people ask me what state we’re in, I always say, “the state of BLISS!”

We didn’t have all our ducks lined up in a row when we started out. We took a leap of faith … and here we are, still traveling, still loving the life that we always dreamed of living.

We did it – you can too!

It starts with a strong, burning desire …

it happens by never giving up …


RV LIVING: The Naked Hippies Way will inspire you to live your dreams, too! Read the story

of how this magnificent dream began, evolved, and became all that we desired … and how it can happen for you, too!


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See you on the road!

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