No matter how much you know or don’t know about Bitcoin, you really cannot avoid the subject.

Bitcoin is one of the most talked about subjects these days and for a very good reason …

it’s giving us all the means to take back control of our money.

Isn’t it about time we rise up and say

ENOUGH! ????

What is Bitcoin?

It’s digital crypto currency that is transferred peer-to-peer …

*without any government regulatory interference and restrictions

*without outrageous transactions fees

*without limitations on who you can send money to or how much, and

*without waiting 3-5 business days for a transfer of money.

In addition to all of those huge sighs of relief I just listed, your investment can grow far beyond the minimal, ridiculous interest rates of savings accounts, money market accounts or IRAs.

We began investing in Bitcoin a few months ago. At the time, one Bitcoin was worth $700. In just four months, that value has increased to $1240 (as of this writing.) No savings account or IRA gives you that level of growth from your investment.

Have I got your attention now?

What Companies and Businesses Accept Bitcoin?

You might be thinking that all of this sounds fantastic, but wondering how you will be able to use your Bitcoins for your every day living needs and pleasures.

The list continues to grow as Bitcoin becomes the most simple and logical way to exchange payment for products or services.

Here’s just a snippet of the companies and businesses that accept Bitcoin:

Amazon, Apple’s App Store, 1-800-Flowers, CVS, Expedia, Dish Network, Dell, Fiverr, Home Depot, Target, Microsoft, Overstock, PayPal, Payza, Ebay, Sears, Shopify, Subway, Victoria’s Secret, Whole Foods, WordPress, Zappos, Simple Freedom, and of course The Naked Hippies Way … to name a few.

Click here for a complete list as of March 21, 2017.

What Do The “Experts” Say About Bitcoin?

I don’t know about you, but when Bill Gates and Richard Branson give their opinion, I listen.

How Can I Get Started With Bitcoin?


You can do what we did several months ago … do the research and learn what you need to do on your own.

It’s doable, but it is definitely a time consuming self-education path.

Or, you can keep reading to see how the Naked Hippies are using Bitcoin on a team crowd funding platform where you not only get all set up with Bitcoin, but you can start your own team crowd funding as an income stream for whatever project or purpose you desire.

The potential is enough to take a serious look at CryptoFundraiser:

CryptoFundRaiser is the Only Crowdfunding Platform that allows you turn a ONE-TIME-ONLY Out-of-pocket $50 in Bitcoin or ETH into
$641,362.50 (or more!)

It’s a simple and familiar process …

and it creates momentum and fun as you get your first three, then begin to help those three get their three, and on and on.

Yeah, But This Bitcoin Stuff Is So New and Confusing

Anything new is challenging to wrap your mind around.

Remember when the internet first started?

As Rick Katz, founder of CryptoFundRaiser says, “I missed the boom, I’m not gonna miss this!”

Once a new technology rolls over you,
if you’re not part of the steamroller,
you’re part of the road.
Stewart Brand

Crypto currency is changing lives by putting control of your money back into your hands.

CryptoFundRaiser is changing lives by helping you create extra income.

We can all help one another.

Sign up for a free CryptoFundRaiser account, look around and always remember this …

The Naked Hippies are here for you.

Sure, we’re never in one spot for very long as we continue our travels; but thankfully, technology removes the barrier of miles.

All it takes is a FB message, a text message, an email, or a phone call to say, “Hey, I’d like to talk to you about this.”


Let’s talk … and SOON!

Trisha & Bruce
The Naked Hippies

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