Canada said no to the Naked Hippies

OH NO! Canada said NO to The Naked Hippies!


This was unexpected!

We were shocked, saddened and suddenly knocked off the path we had so sure-footedly followed for the past month.

What the heck happened?


The day started out on a euphoric high. We were headed to Canada! We were going to be participating in the Sundance Ceremony of the Cree Nation.

And we were so ready … ready for some pretty astonishing “firsts” for us … crossing the border; immersing in the culture and ceremony of a tribe; and meeting Dr. Bruce Lipton.

For a whole month since receiving the news that we were chosen to be part of this select group, we planned, researched and prepared. We carefully got our passports; we dutifully stocked up on items needed for the offerings to the tribe; I eagerly bought long skirts to wear as required for the women; we did a final clean out of the fridge and the camper. Ready, set, go!!

And we expected somewhat of a second look from the border agents as we pulled up to the window. From all the stories we had read, we knew that getting pulled over to come inside was a regular event.

So, when the agent asked us to do just that – pull your vehicle over and come inside – we obeyed, knowing that we would be asked questions about our trip and possibly have our camper and truck searched. No biggie. We were prepared, or so we thought.

The questions began as we went inside and approached the border agent:  “Have you ever been arrested?” Bruce answered, “Yes.”

“When was that?” asked the agent?  “Fifteen years ago,” was Bruce’s reply.

Bruce answered truthfully. He explained it fully.

Oh, the historical past life of Bruce – before Trisha. The long and winding road he traveled for years before we met was a road that bent, broke, shaped and formed Bruce into the man I fell in love with.

It’s not something he talks about often, and those who know him know he doesn’t talk much anyway, unless his passion for life and learning is unleashed.

The past is over. It’s over for all of us. We close the book on mistakes and regrets and move on because hanging on to it serves no purpose. It doesn’t define you, it is only the path you took that helped create the person you are today.

Bruce used to be a drunk. It started when he joined the Coast Guard at age 21 and was quickly inducted into alcohol consumption as a means to relax and unwind; unfortunately, it became more than just a means to that end.

His last drink was fifteen years ago, as was his last DUI.

Now, in our way of thinking, fifteen years of sobriety is a huge deal to celebrate. Not so with the system.

The system … filled with rules and regulations that ignore human potential; that restricts and prohibits freedom. It sucks. It affects every one and every part of our lives.

We sat in the border crossing building for four hours.

Finally, the agent called Bruce to his desk and told him he was not allowed to enter Canada. He said, “You can willingly agree to willingly accept a deportation document and go back to the U.S., or I can arrest you right here.”

We were in shock.

We cried.

We got back in the truck, deportation letter in hand and turned back to the United States.

Everything we had been planning dissolved into a heap of confusion, remorse, frustration and anger.

Our emotions were raw, intense and painful. The plunge from the euphoria we had felt when this day began plummeted to the dark depths of grief.

As we drove, we talked about what we know and believe … that everything happens for us, not to us. It serves a purpose, even when it’s beyond our comprehension. Oh, but it was a tough shift to make from pain to expectation of something better.  Especially since now our plans to go to our next PSYCH-K class was shot to hell. It is scheduled for September … in Canada.

As much as we were looking forward to the Sundance Ceremony and the spiritual growth we would experience there, the September PSYCH-K class has been our dream, our goal since we attended our first class in March.

What now?

What do you do when your dream crumbles?


Well, you start questioning and doubting yourself … are we really meant to do this? Are we on the right path? Are we good enough? Smart enough? Worthy enough?

We ARE. We know that.

PSYCH-K has changed our lives in miraculous ways, instantly changing limiting beliefs.  We have experienced it personally and witnessed it first hand in the lives of those who have asked us to help them change beliefs.

The reason this advanced class is so important to us is because it will greatly expand our reach, so that we can help anyone from anywhere we are. Right now, we can only work one-on-one with those who we meet up with as we travel. At the advanced class, we will learn how to do the processed remotely.

But now, we cannot go to Canada in September to learn how to do this. We are still limited

Unless … unless there is another way?

Sneak into Canada?  Hardly! No way! Wouldn’t dare!

It’s a familiar truth … when God closes a door, he opens a window.

That is exactly what happened. Door slammed shut. A window opened.

We knew our PSYCH-K trainer, Karen McKy, had recently scheduled an advanced training class in July coinciding with the time we would be in Canada at the Sundance Ceremony.

Wheels began to turn … well, the wheels in our mind; not the truck wheels – at least not yet.

Are we being led to Colorado? Is this why this huge fiasco at the border happened?

But it’s too soon. We are still raising money for this advanced training through crowd funding. We have three more months of asking and receiving donations from friends and acquaintances who know what this will mean for them.  One week is way too soon.

We called Karen with heavy hearts and explained what had happened at the border … and that we wouldn’t be at the September class.

She immediately assured us of all things always working out in spite of setbacks like this. Her love and wisdom soothed our broken spirits.

Then, she graciously offered us seats at the class, knowing that we were still raising the funds and did not have enough for the class fee … yet.

Our rise back to euphoria was instant!

We are going to Colorado!

Karen know that we are fully committed to PSYCH-K and to taking all the next steps that will enable us to do what we dream of doing – helping people break free from whatever is holding them back.

The spiritual growth we were seeking from the Sundance Ceremony is waiting for us in Colorado, not in Canada. Our path has been rerouted. Our plans thwarted and changed. Our dream has been propelled ahead by three months!

We believe this has all happened so dramatically because the time to help everyone is now, not in three months.

The message was heard loud and clear:  URGENT!! Get your shit together and do it NOW!

From what we’ve seen ever since we left Arizona in April and traveled over 5,000 miles through 11 states is that everyone we have talked to, all those we meet on the road, are still struggling in some area of their lives.

Yes, everyone … struggling because of limiting beliefs that many of you have been trying to change for years, maybe even decades.

If it wasn’t for the things we’ve done over the last ten years, we wouldn’t have this great lifestyle of traveling on the never-ending roadtrip. But what we’ve also found over the last few years is that the things we have learned, practiced, given and shared was done so with fingers crossed, hope this will work kind of prayer.

And, even though we’ve read some great books and used some fantastic modalities, we still had this residual of all this stuff that was stopping us. So, we decided to go to the first PSYCH-K training, and it really got us to the last piece to get us moving forward again in ways we had always hoped to experience.

PSYCH-K is the most amazing process of communicating directly with your subconscious mind to change the beliefs that are holding you back, the beliefs that continue to feed your struggles. It takes minutes, not decades to change a belief with PSYCH-K. That is why this is so important to us. We know the feeling of frustration and self-doubt that creeps in when all of your efforts to think positive thoughts, repeat affirmations,  and attract what you desire are just not working.

There is a greater plan unfolding here. The plan includes you.

We are changing the world, one person at a time, to break free and live a life of happiness, health and abundance.

With complete confidence, we know that if you are open and willing to allow us to work with you, PSYCH-K will easily and miraculously change your doubts, fears, pain and struggles so that you can experience the life you have hoped for, longed for, prayed for, for so long.

We have already received some donations to our goal of attending the advanced class. It’s been such a humbling honor to receive the donations because these are people who know us, believe in our work and are willing to help us get to the advanced class.

Now, because we are suddenly going to be at this training next week, we’re reaching out to everyone who is reading this, asking you to consider a donation of $100, $500, $1000 or more to the Naked Hippies Dream.

All contributors will receive a complimentary PSYCH-K session to help you with whatever residual stuff is blocking you.  (the greater the donation, the more free sessions you will receive.)

If this blog post had not already been so lengthy, I would share here how PSYCH-K brought us to a 180 degree turn around from Canada to Colorado. This realization came today after we had time to process and surrender to the seemingly devastating disappointment at the border. Instead, there are some amazing stories found here.

Everything, and I mean every thing that happens in our lives is for a purpose. Sometimes, we get to see why clearly; sometimes, we have to trust in a bigger, unrevealed picture.

I believe you are an integral part of the bigger picture.

I believe you are worthy of living a life of well-being.

I believe we are meant to work together to change your limiting beliefs with PSYCH-K.

I believe you will sincerely consider contributing to our dream.

I believe in you.

The question now is … are you ready to change things in your life?

To learn more about what to expect in your free session(s), go here.

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I’m in awe of everything that happened to us at the border and the way a way has been provided for us to continue on with our dream.

 We truly believe everything in life happens FOR you, not TO you.

This has happened FOR us to get to where we can help you now,
not in three months.

Thank you for your love and support.

I so look forward to helping you.

PSYCH-K is the answer

Love and light and a huge THANK YOU,


P.S.  You know me … I am particular about the look
and design of my blog posts; however, this had to be
written and published asap to get the word out about
why we aren’t in Canada, and also to push ahead 
quickly for donations. I had to forego my perfectionism!