PSYCH-K trainer Karen McKy with The Naked Hippies

Thank you for stopping by to learn more what PSYCH-K can do for you!

When we attended the first PSYCH-K class, we knew immediately that our connection to Karen McKy would go far beyond a trainer/student relationship.

In the time since that fantastic weekend, we have consulted with Karen and continued to grow and learn more about PSYCH-K and how to help change the lives of everyone we meet.

Never did we imagine how our ordeal at the Canadian border would prompt Karen to offer us a seat at the advanced training, way ahead of our planned schedule.

We attended the advanced class and now, we are prepared and so
ready to help you end the struggles in any area of your life!

There are three main areas that most people struggle to overcome in life:


  1. Finances
  2. Health
  3. Self-worth

Since beginning with PSYCH-K several months ago, Bruce and I have used PSYCH-K processes to change limiting beliefs in those areas, as well as in the areas of relationships, grief and loss, spirituality and personal power.

The results have been phenomenal, magical really.

For instance. Bruce has never felt emotions. His dad was a football coach, so you can imagine what he was instructed during his formative years – boys don’t cry. So he didn’t, he hasn’t. Oh, he learned how to mimic emotions by watching others, but he never FELT them. One balance with PSYCH-K and he unleashed a torrent of tears for the first time in his life.

I always struggle with self-worth, as most everyone I know does. Through the PSYCH-K processes, I changed my beliefs to one of confidence and stepping into my personal power, speaking with ease and authority, and many other similar, empowering self-esteem beliefs. The crowd-funding I am doing now is a result of a new self-worth, confidence and boldness to ask people to donate to my dream.

My daughter was having a horrible time sleeping – so much so, that she developed a compulsive picking disorder and had sores and scabs on her arms and legs from the anxiety induced by lack of sleep. One session with her and she slept like a rock. In fact, she slept so soundly and late into the next morning that she called apologizing that our morning coffee date was missed.

Most of all, we have relaxed into the flow because of PSYCH-K. That is why the upheaval and disappointment at the Canadian border was easily dissipated and we let go; whereas before PSYCH-K, I would have been filled with a lasting blinding anger that would have prevented me from expecting and receiving greater blessings than I ever imagined.

As Bruce says, “I have been immersed in personal development for 18 years. And while I can look back and see that everything about me has changed, that I am not who I used to be 18 years ago, the changes that I have experienced in the last three months with PSYCH-K have been greater than all the changes made during eighteen years of studying and practicing the various modalities of personal development.”

What are your struggles? What is holding you back from breaking free and living the life you dream of living?


PSYCH-K is the answer for you, as it has been for Bruce and me and the many others we have been working with over the past several months.

The advanced class has given us the means to work directly with you remotely. No longer will we be constrained by physical location – we will be able to work with you from wherever our camper is parked, wherever you are.

We were not “comped” the advanced class. We are indebted to Karen for this training which
is why we seek your contribution.

As a thank you for contributing to help us pay for the advanced class, you will receive complimentary PSYCH-K session(s) as follows:

$100 donation – one 60 minute session

$500 donation – four 60 minute sessions

$1000 donation – eight 60 minute sessions

My regular session fee is $150 for one hour.

One session will be phenomenal for you. It took just one session to help my daughter end her sleepless nights.

However, if you’re anything like Bruce and me, there is A LOT of residual stuff to clear out and change.

It’s like unraveling a mess of knots – one limiting belief leads to another, then another and so on.  So, while your first session will definitely change limiting beliefs, continuing with further sessions will allow us to work together to tackle more. After all, we are pretty saturated with limiting beliefs that have accumulated throughout our lives.

Whatever you decide is perfect for all concerned.

You can make your contribution at either link shown below.

Then, I will contact you to schedule our sessions.


Two ways to donate: $$ to Paypal or Bitcoin!


I so look forward to the amazing changes coming your way!



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