Downsizing is something that is always on my mind these days and also a daily goal I have set as we prepare for our Vanabode.

The Journal of our Manifestation Journey

My intention is to do something every day to downsize.   We’re moving from a Big Foot pickup camper to a Chevy Express Vanabode.  A new adventure awaits the Naked Hippies Roadtrip!


These containers become our closet, our cabinets and our drawers.

Whatever fits in the six flat Rubbermaid 6 x 24 x 16″ plastic containers will be kept …

and right now, I bet I could fill at least 20 of those containers.

We have TOO much stuff … again.



I’m excited about the daily ritual of downsizing, but there is one thing that has to be unloaded first before I can begin to toss, donate or keep everything that fills this pickup camper.



What a relief it will be to get my taxes done.

Talk about a HUGE weight that will be lifted.


I’ve been carrying it around for months.

Oh, please don’t even bother to mention this procrastination ploy I have fallen into again.  I KNOW the deadline is April 15 – every year without fail.  There’s no excuse I could give … I avoided and delayed the obvious.

So, now it’s time to get this baby put to bed and get on with DOWNSIZING!

Sigh.  So many transactions, so many details, so many receipts.

If only … if only I had used that awesome tool to keep track of every expense and receipt last year.

I bought it, used it, then got out of the habit, didn’t use it … and now, instead of a one click printed report for the accountant, I have the mother of all spreadsheets that will scare the bejeezus out of you!

The tool that I used and then didn’t use is TaxBot. With this app I can track mileage, record expenses and take a picture of my receipt on my IPhone.

At the end of the year, everything is categorized and all you have to do is hit the “print” button.

So, that’s exactly where I am with downsizing for our Vanabode.

I expect to have this arduous task completed and submitted to my accountant before August 1.  Yikes! That’s only one more weekend!

Stay tuned … and keep your ears open for the ROAR of “It’s DONE!” I expect it will break the sound barrier!






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P.S.  So, did you know there is a way to deduct entertainment like golfing, going to the movies, to a concert?  YEP!

I love the tips I get from TaxBot.

P.P.S.   Think I should take before and after pictures of this downsizing process?