Forever younger?

“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.”
               ― Sophia Loren

Just from my realm of experience, I have heard these excuses for getting old:

“My memory is shot.”

“You’re too old to have long hair.”

“These old bones won’t let me.”

“Nah, I’m going to stay home and watch Wheel of Fortune.”

“I don’t ‘get’ these young kids’ music.”

“There’s no way I can figure out all the new technology.”

“Just give me a new word search book, that’s all I want.”

“I wish we could go back to the good ol’ days.”

We laugh and joke about aging, but don’t realize that even though the number
of years we have lived indicates we’re “old” …

there is no reason to give in and give up as you age.


You can be forever younger! 



Aga Burzynska didn’t give in to aging or give up and plop herself down in a rocking chair in a nursing home.

Ava became a superstar in international masters’ competitions [beginning at the age of 77] winning

750 gold medals and setting 37 world records in sprinting, the long jump, the javelin throw, and other events. She competed for the final time in 2014, in Hungary, just weeks before she passed away [at the age of 95].  Read the full story here.


Now, before you think that in order to be forever younger, you must become a track and field star,
scientists have gained incredible information from studying her brain activity:

Kotelko’s daily activity on its own was no doubt incredibly healthy for her mind and body.
But the resilience of her brain late in life may have also stemmed from the fact that she
never stopped challenging herself to learn, no matter how old she got.

The amount of white matter in her corpus callosum, a thick swath of fibers that transfer
nerve signals between the brain’s left and right hemispheres—transmitting thoughts,
movement, and memory—was off the charts.  
[full article here]


I have two questions for you:

1. What are you doing to challenge yourself as you add years to your life?

2. Do you consider yourself more left-brain dominant or right-brain dominant?

These discoveries from testing and studying Aga’s brain affirm the value and significance
of whole-brain integration, the key to achieving whatever you desire, no matter what age
you are.

Most people are either left brain dominant or right brain dominant, and while each
dominance has unique capabilities, when they are balanced through whole brain
integration, you are able to be and do more than you believe is possible. You
could even break Aga’s records of gold medals, if that is your desire.

The balancing processes with PSYCH-K do just that – balance the left and right
brain hemispheres.

Our personal experiences with PSYCH-K have deepened our already strong and secure relationship with each other. It’s been phenomenal! 


To your forever younger, vibrant, balanced self,



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