Losing weight the Naked Hippies way?


Yes, it requires you to remove your clothes, and there are some who will think of running around stark naked!  While, there’s great freedom in being a naturist, it’s not the subject here.  (we’ll get to that in another blog post!)

We’ve been carrying around excess weight for nearly two years.

Lugging around all of this:  (it’s shocking, really!)

Guess what happened as soon as I finished clearing out the excess clothes?

I tackled books, papers, junk drawers, kitchen utensils and pots, and all that bathroom/personal stuff that had accumulated.

The result?  Losing weight!  A TON OF IT! Two huge trash bags of clothes removed to donate; two huge, HEAVY trash bags of junk to throw away; dozens of books to take to the library, a table full of items to sell or donate; a huge box of papers to burn …

And it feels so goooooooood!  There is a lightness to the camper now.  Our clothes can breathe.  Not every drawer and cabinet is stuffed to the brim.

Now we’re wondering how our gas mileage will improve!

This was phase one as we prepare to reduce and simplify our life to live and travel in our Vanabode home.   There will be MORE downsizing when the official moving day arrives.

For now, we’re good.

That was how to lose weight the Naked Hippies Way!

This downsizing experience has served two purposes …

First, Losing weight!  The physical result of eliminating unnecessary and unneeded items from our living space feels so freeing.

Second,  reflecting and realizing how much “junk” we carry around in our minds that weighs us down and keeps us from living the best life possible.

This is losing weight the personal growth way:

We carry around fear, anger, jealousy, lack, low self-worth, bitterness, doubt and worry.

It’s a huge burden that if not removed, will drag you down to the depths of a hellish life, a life where you just exist, you just get by, go through the motions … survive.

When you take time to reflect on the limiting beliefs you have been carrying all your life, you’ll say exactly what I said when I viewed the massive amount of clothes piled in our camper …

“Who NEEDS this?”

You definitely don’t need the negative, limiting beliefs in your life.

They have been taking up space in your thoughts for too long.  It’s time to downsize … to clear out the junk drawers of your mind.

Make space for joy and happiness and expectancy and hope and creation.


By going within … through meditation, reflection, getting still.  By listening, seeing and feeling your connection to The One, God, the Universe, the great I AM – whatever name you give to your higher power.

Meditation is something Bruce and I take time for every day.  No matter what.  It is making a huge difference in our life, in what we are seeing manifested.

It is the ONLY way to find yourself, your true self, your higher self, your Divine self.  Go within in order to soar without.

There are many roads that lead you to your inner self.  Find the one that works for you.  The only “mistake” you can make is in not taking the time to meditate.

No matter what road you take, the journey will be remarkable.  It’s the focus of our morning mindset call “Journey to Magnificence” where we read and study and discuss personal growth books and ideas.

The call is open to anyone seeking guidance and understanding and knowledge about the Law of Attraction, about manifesting your desires, about being and doing and having all that you dream of.

Join the call Monday thru Friday at 10 am Eastern.  Dial in for the live call and discussions here 712-775-7085 pin 150703#.

Or listen to the replays here on Soundcloud.

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Always remember this, expressed so beautifully from “Winnie the Pooh”

Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
-A.A. Milne







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