We’re beginning round 2 of manifesting our Vanabode!

In a few days, we are heading back to the birthplace of the Naked Hippies Roadtrip dream … our river home on the banks of the Missouri River near Columbia, Missouri.

It was there that we first lived in a tent one summer.  It was there that we lived and worked as camphosts for five summers.  It was there that I took a leap of faith and walked away from my corporate job.


Yep! Quit my job to enjoy afternoon breaks like this!

And, it was there that we pulled up stakes, hit the road and left in November, 2013 on the never-ending roadtrip.

It’s time to go back, to touch base with our “roots” again … to revel in the joys and memories of all the miles we have traveled and to also …

prepare for round 2 of manifesting our vanabode!

For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been downsizing – AGAIN!
Heck, I’ve even had to downsize on my laptop – getting rid of unneeded files to make sure I always have enough room for the hundreds of pictures I take as we travel.

Our stay at the river will be totally different this time, it will be just as it was when we were there in the tent that one glorious summer.

We won’t hook up to electricity, we won’t hook up to water, we will be unplugged.  This is more practice for living the Vanabode lifestyle.

The best part about all of this, well, one of the benefits of being unplugged at the river is that we will be parking our camper down a ways from the campground, at a friend’s private little camp spot … away from the commotion of other campers – nestled in the trees right on the banks of the river.

We have ordered the inverter we need to use with our 12v battery, (the one recommended by Jason in the Vanabode book) so that we can keep our laptops and phones charged, using the big ol’ Dodge Ram pickup battery to charge the 12v.  It’s exactly what we did the summer in the tent to stay plugged in enough to keep our business growing.

Now, the rest of this week is going to be crazy busy with all the kind of last minute tasks you do to get ready to go anywhere.  I’ve got a long checklist of things to remember, stuff to get, people to see once more before we leave.

You can feel the energy rising in us, and I believe even our Big Foot Camper can sense the coming adventure … there’s a roadtrip coming up!


Always breathtaking!


Back to the river, back to campfires, rides on the pontoon, spectacular sunsets, glorious sunrises, walks through the woods, the sounds of train whistles, coyotes, owls and flowing water … reconnecting to what we call “home base.”

It’s good to go back and touch base every now and then.  It’s definitely time for this to happen.

It’s definitely time to take this next step to manifesting our Vanabode.

I’m excited to share with you our experiences from the river.

Stay tuned!






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