Bitcoin investing has its good, bad and ugly side.

It’s a wild world that has great potential, but protect yourself when investing in Bitcoin, or any cryptocurrency.

I’m not an expert in Bitcoin investing. I’m just here as your normal,
average US citizen who is seeking to find ways to break free from the
chains of government rules and regulations about how I make and spend
my hard earned dollars.

So, in good faith and with the intention of helping other normal,
average people like me … I share what I have learned, what I have
experienced, and what solutions I have found to gain more freedom.

My hope is that as you continue to read you’ll understand more clearly
the good, the bad, and the ugly about Bitcoin investing. 



The digital currency Bitcoin has reached a new all-time high,
rising to $1,800 on May 11, 2017. Overall, the price of bitcoin
has risen 81% since the beginning of 2017, according to CNBC.

If you haven’t yet invested in Bitcoin, it’s time.

Where else can you get a return on your money like this?
It’s not going to happen with any accounts you have sitting in
a bank, a CD or IRA.

Still not sure?  Read “Why the Heck Should I Invest in Bitcoin.” 



Of course, this kind of rapid growth makes it volatile. The bubble will

That is when it will stablize, and the world will be changed.

That’s where the opportunity is as well as the risk.

During the boom, the internet was volatile. Once it
burst, it stabilized, making it less risk and also less opportunity.

The bubble didn’t burst until it reached a value in the
trillions. Currently cryptocurrency is valued at about 100 billion.



Yes, criminals are using cryptocurrency to fund their illegal activities.
They also use fiat currency (dollars) and Amazon gift cards.

But, wait a minute … so do you and me and everyone else. It is what it is.

And … a lot of scammers are selling cryptocurrency to those unaware
of their scam, those who are attracted to making money with Bitcoin.
There have been arrests.

Scammers have and will always lurk, seek and capture, then dessimate
innocent people. (and those who are looking for something for nuthin’).

Kinda leaves you feeling a bit hopeless doesn’t it?

I mean, you probably felt all fired up about investing in Bitcoin when you
first began reading this article, but now … not so much.


Back to the GOOD!


We began Bitcoin investing because of the good we saw.

We didn’t know much about it, except that the value of our investment
continued to increase month after month.

That led us to search for the opportunities, and that’s when we realized
how easy it is to be scammed when you don’t really understand what
red flags to avoid.

When we met Rick Katz, we found the education, training, and most of
all, immense relief and safety for Bitcoin investing.


Here’s how the Naked Hippies roll. Before we are “all in” with any company or platform or project … we sit down with the founder(s) to get to know them personally, to see if they are as real and
honest as they seem, to see if we truly resonate with their vision.

We were heading east in our pickup camper, but once we heard from Rick about CryptoFundRaiser, we turned the camper around and headed to Santa Monica to meet him in person and see for ourselves if everything that seemed to be what we hoped it would be … was actually so.
And it was.

By the time we turned the camper around again, we knew our decision to invest in Bitcoin, to start our crowd funding platform with CryptoFundRaiser, and to learn how to safely invest in upcoming ICO’s was the opportunity we had been seeking.


Not only that … we had returned to doing what we love most –
helping our friends and family make money.

We know that the internet industry for all of us network/internet/affiliate
marketers is in chaos. Everyone is scrambling to keep a foot on solid ground
while the chaos stirs up distrust, competition and burnout.

Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and crowdfunding is what will be left after the
shitstorm settles down.

The timing is perfect. The only question is … what will you decide to do?

Our invitation is open to those who have been on the brink of throwing
in the towel; those who have been holding on to that last thread of hope in
making any money; to those who are open to seeing what I’ve shared here
as an incredible opportunity that requires speed and commitment.

Take a look around inside CryptoFundRaiser. Set up a free account.
Get the free PDF available there: “How to Get Rich in the Cryptocurrency
Blockchain Movement.”

Then, call, text, message me on Facebook or send a carrier pigeon …
we’re here to help you set the foundation for your future, for the future
of this industry, the economy and the world.



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