Unplugged for four days in the Rocky Mountains!

We really had no choice. As we climbed the roads leading to a camping spot among the tall pines in the Roosevelt National Forest in Colorado, we lost contact with the rest of the world.

It was a forced detachment from our phones, but we welcomed it as a weary traveler welcomes a vacancy sign.

What would we do all day without the internet? Without checking emails and sending text messages and keeping up with everyone on Facebook? What would we do, now that all that we usually do every single day was null and void … and impossible?

Nature called loud and clear, “Come, sit and be still. There’s nothing else required of you.”


Our camper was nestled in among the tall pines of this forest. Downhill it sat, at an angle that made us hold on whenever we climbed out of bed so that we wouldn’t gather speed and head out the back door!

Downhill, a mountain stream sang its sweet melody, luring us to come, to listen, to observe. We sat there for hours and hours, eyes, ears and hearts wide open to a magnificent, magical opera.

There was not an abundance of wildlife here in these woods. One had to be aware and watch closely to see a hummingbird, a butterfly, a squirrel, a snake, a hawk. There was not a cacophony of morning songs from the birds. One had to listen intently to catch a distant song carried on the breeze.

There was silence. This was holy ground.

We had carried books and notebooks with us to this worship service. But, we were in Nature’s church, being filled with the spirit of creation, lessons on life, death and abundance being revealed.

It felt sacrilegious to us to even open a book or write. So, we sat still under the pine trees, beside the mountain stream, among the boulders and wildflowers … just BEING, not DOING.

That first night I awoke to complete darkness. Pitch black. No outside lights illuminating my path to the bathroom. No flashing blue lights from phones and laptops. Blackness like the sensory deprivation I experienced several months ago in a float spa.

I opened the back door and stepped outside, looked up and gasped. Finally, I was seeing what I have yearned to view for so long … the starry sky, pure and brilliant and massively grand. I KNEW it would be like this, but now I was here, at an elevation of nearly 9,000 feet, being dazzled and awed by stars that felt close enough to reach if I climbed one of the pine trees.

This visual experience was the highlight of all that I saw in these mountains. This has been my quest for as long as I can remember … to be so removed from what is man made in order to view what Nature displays every night in full glory.

We came down from the mountain yesterday. We soon were back in the frenzy and noise of the daily life of most people. But, the silence that had stilled our minds held on … in spite of all that surrounded us. Our mountaintop experience had given us peace, assurance and strength to step back into chaos … but only for a short time.

As shared in my story about the Canadian border fiasco, we will be removed once again from routine, from our connection to the world as we immerse for the next several days in the next class for PSYCH-K.

We have spent the last four days letting go of everything in order to connect with Nature. Now, as we continue with the advanced PSYCH-K class, we will be letting go more fully and more deeply of all that holds us back, that keeps us stuck, that limits our dreams.

This is for you as much as it is for us. Because you, as well as all our friends and family struggle, too. It’s so very evident in all the conversations we have. It’s what we are here to do … to help you change limiting beliefs that are keeping you from living the life you desire.

Until we found PSYCH-K, we continued on as best we could, stumbling along, trying to find that breakthrough, to end the struggle, to be free of the prison of limiting beliefs. No longer do we stumble. No longer do we cross our fingers and HOPE we have found the answer.

We KNOW, we have experienced and witnessed first-hand miraculous and magical changes in our lives and in the lives of others we have worked with through the balancing processes of PSYCH-K.

Our time in the mountains was an experience of emptying ourselves in
order to be filled with what comes next.


And what comes next will include you and similar miracles of transformation as you instantly and easily change the limiting beliefs which have clouded, guarded and held you firmly – a place that feels less than what you are capable of being and doing and having.

The training we have committed to since finding and experiencing PSYCH-K is costly to us. We stepped out in faith for the first class, incurring debt in order to attend. We have recently been graciously offered this class without the means to pay for it right now.

We know this is our path, this is what we are here to do. We are freedom fighters of a different kind – helping you find your freedom. Your donation to our commitment, our dream, our vision is requested and so greatly appreciated. Details on how to donate are found here.

May your heart guide your decision.

Love and light and freedom,


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