Visualizing our Vanabode Dream

The Journal of our Manifestation Journey

Faith is to believe what you do not see and the reward of that faith is to see what you believe.
– St. Augustine

It’s been a couple of weeks since Bruce and I made the decision to Vanabode.  During this time, we have been immersed in thinking and reading and visualizing our Vanabode lifestyle.


We DID IT! Our dream became our reality!

It’s a familiar journey, for we recognize the excitement, the anticipation and the assurance that we WILL do this.  We’ve done it before, when we dreamed and planned and made space to live fulltime in a RV.



This dream, though, is buoyed by the experiences we’ve had over the past eight years of taking leaps of faith, of studying personal growth, and of applying Laws of the Universe to our life.  I believe this dream will become our reality in a relative short time as compared to the time it took us to finally get the wheels moving on our camper in 2013.

And, just as before, we don’t know how or when or where our Vanabode will show up, we just know that it will.

There are a few steps we are taking right now, a few rules we have set, in anticipation and preparation for the arrival of our Vanabode.

1. Daily Meditation

Daily meditation has become a habit for us over the past several months.  It is during meditation that ideas begin to flow and we are able to see and feel our dream of Vanaboding as if it is happening now.

Meditation has so many benefits to our health, our emotional well-being, our reactions and our state of mind.  Too many people medicate with Xanax or anti-depressants to feel peaceful and calm – we don’t medicate, we meditate.

We recreated our vision board with pictures of the Vanabode (inside and out), a map showing the East Coast roadtrip we will take from Maine to Key West, Thoreau’s simple little cabin at Walden Pond (which I am excited to visit), and the autumn colors of New England which we’ve not yet experienced in person.


This is our vision board – what we see as we fall asleep every night and when we wake up every morning in our camper.

I’m such a visual person that these pictures help me “see” the dream as I visualize during meditation.

2.  Letting Go of the How

This requires a constant awareness because we are so used to taking control and figuring out solutions to everything in life.  Yet, it is exactly what jumbles up the process, slows it down, and prevents your desire from showing up.

As soon as you begin to work out the details, trying to tell the Universe where to find the means to get you to your dream, the door to all the incredible solutions that you didn’t know about slams shut.

So, we are letting go and allowing the Universe to place people, places, things in our path to help us.  Now, before you think we are  sitting around on our asses waiting for everything to be dropped in our laps … there are some actions we are deliberately taking.

3.  Taking Action, Too

Before we manifested our pickup camper, we took action to make space for our dream of living on a never-ending roadtrip.  It was drastic measure from most people’s perspective, but it was exactly the right action for us.  We got rid of everything in our two bedroom duplex and moved into a tent for the summer.  The next Spring, our camper showed up.

We have lived and traveled in this pickup camper since 2010.  Every inch of space has been utilized … and then some.  It’s time to downsize AGAIN!

The goal we have set is to do something to downsize every single day.  Remove something from this camper on a daily basis, until we are down to the minimal basics that we’ll need for our Vanabode.

We will have six plastic containers that are stored under the bed and a set of stacking drawer containers behind the driver’s seat.  So far, I’ve decided I will use the containers as follows, but these plans are subject to change, as we get down to the final move in.

  1. Kitchen utensils
  2. Pantry items
  3. Books and CDs
  4. Tech stuff, tools, duct tape, etc.
  5. Clothes
  6. ??

See?  This is still unfolding as we downsize. My plan is to purchase one of the storage containers to use as a guide for what to keep.  It will have to all fit in these containers … if not, donate it or junk it.

4. Awareness and Expectancy State of Being

We remind each other continuously of this dream in conversations between the two of us, and with others.  Having a mindset of expectancy is what fuels the manifestation.  We think and act and speak without any doubt or hesitancy.  Instead of saying “IF” we say “WHEN.”    For example,  “If we can find a Vanbode for the right price,”  we say, “won’t it be fun when we find the right Vanabode.”

And then, we stay aware of the unexpected solutions that the Universe sends to us.  It just goes along with letting go and not trying to figure out how this is going to happen.

Everything you can imagine is real.
― Pablo Picasso

I’m sitting here in the camper, looking at a Mason jar filled with shells and sand and rocks and acorns that I picked up as we traveled last year.  I smile as I am reminded of all the beautiful places we visited and now realize this jar will be emptied and not part of our next journey in the Vanabode.


Seashells, rocks, sand, pinecones, cotton, feathers, spanish moss, cactus pod, seaweed … all reminders of the beauty of nature we experienced

Maybe I’ll find a place in the woods here in the Ozarks to build a little gratitude shrine for all the memories these items hold.  I’ll return them to nature – and in a thousand years, some archaeologist will find seashells in the Ozarks and wonder what strange phenomena caused them to be deposited here.  J

I know what will happen next … we’ll be walking along a beach in Maine or Massachusetts and I’ll see a shell that I’ll slip into my pocket … and soon, another mason jar will begin to be filled with nature’s memories again.

Visualizing our Vanabode dream is fun and exciting.  This series of blog posts will keep you entertained for sure, but also make you part of this incredible journey.  We are honored that you dream and imagine with us.






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