The Wild Wild West was exciting and dangerous and filled with opportunities.

There are times, as we travel along, I think of all the explorers who were the first to gaze upon the land that I now see.

I imagine the pioneers trudging along in the first RVs – the covered wagons – pressing onward to land and freedom and opportunity.

It definitely wasn’t an easy journey. There were hardships and battles that I cannot fathom as I sit in a comfortable seat in our pickup truck, protected from rain and cold, able to travel to destinations in a matter of hours instead of days and months.

I guess I’ve watched enough movies and read enough stories to grasp the magnitude of the Wild West – a time when a new frontier beckoned people to come, to see, to seize the opportunities of a new and different way …

enough to realize that right now, in the cryptocurrency industry –

it’s the Wild West happening again.


There are the adventurers, the explorers – who are navigating through the new world of blockchain to discover how and where and when and why this technology works.

There are the greedy scammers who are selling “Fool’s Gold” – selling coins with a guarantee of a return on your investment just to get your money.

There are those who are pulled to “GO WEST” – much like the Gold Miners, who hold that vision of freedom and abundance in their hearts so strongly that they begin to dig (invest).

There are those who are selling “picks and axes” to the Gold Miners – in the form of education and training about cryptocurrencies.

 Yep! It’s the Wild Wild West …

and right now, in the cryptocurrency frontier, a lot of excitement is erupting as more and more “settlers” arrive.

On our own trek to this new frontier, we were lucky. We picked up the right picks and axes to go mine for “gold.” It didn’t cost us our life savings to get these tools.


And ever since, we’ve been striking gold!


We’ve learned how to invest, what coins to invest in … and watched the value of Bitcoin jump from $700 when we first started to over $6000 now. That definitely ain’t fool’s gold!

We’ve got a party of determined pioneers traveling the “Crypto Trail” with us …

Ready to come along to the Wild Wild West of the Cryptocurrency frontier? 

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Let’s go dig for “GOLD!”


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