Problems cannot be solved

with the same mind set

that created them.

― Albert Einstein

It doesn’t have to take months,

years or decades

to change limiting beliefs.

― Trisha Barnes

How many self-help books have you read? How many line your bookshelves? How many positive affirmations have you repeated over and over and over? How many methods and practices have you tried to change limiting beliefs … visualization, hypnosis, EFT, meditation, etc?

How long have you been doing this?

Months? Years? Decades?

And don’t get me wrong, everything I have read, listened to, learned and practiced has been an important and valuable experience on the path of personal development.

And yet … I often wondered, “WHY does it take so long? WHY OH WHY can’t I change these limiting beliefs?”

Often, I’d begin to second guess my worthiness. Silly, I know, but it
just seemed that no matter how much I learned and practiced, the
struggle remained.

And it wasn’t just me. Everyone I knew still struggled. Struggled with
money, with health, relationships, and even with  their spirituality (which makes perfect sense since all their efforts to break through had seen some but not a lot of results.)

It seemed that the path for changing limiting beliefs was like an endless staircase, one that you just kept taking step after step hoping you’d eventually reach the end, the goal.

“What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.”


-Cool Hand Luke


The problem isn’t that you don’t have enough faith or belief.
It’s a failure to communicate with your subconscious mind.

Your conscious mind BELIEVES 100% what you have learned
through all your studies and practices.

But your subconscious mind is where the limiting beliefs
are stored and retrieved anytime a thought or idea or
situation relates to a similar past experience and the
emotions that resulted. These beliefs were programmed into
your unaware little mind before you were old enough to say
“Ummm, no thanks. I’ll pass on this one.”

So, no matter how many positive affirmations you speak
with fluidity and power, your subconscious mind hears only
what the Peanuts gang heard when adults spoke:






“Your beliefs have far-reaching consequences, both positive and negative, in every area of your life.”

Rob Williams, PSYCH-K Founder



“PSYCH-K can change long-standing, limiting beliefs in a matter of minutes.”

Dr. Bruce Lipton, “Biology of Belief”

PSYCH-K provides a direct communication to your subconscious mind. 

If you have been immersed in personal development f
or years, even decades … and you’ve seen some results,
but still the struggles in life remain no matter how much
effort and hard work you do; no matter how much you
think positively, meditate and visualize your desires, you’ll
be astonished at how quickly and effectively PSYCH-K works …

because it establishes a direct communication to your
subconscious mind, where limiting beliefs reside.

Looking back, Bruce and I definitely see results from all
the years, all the work we have done to change our lives.
We have experienced changes in our personal growth; but
it has been a long, arduous process.

In the past two months, using PSYCH-K, we have experienced
phenomenal changes that far surpass what has taken years
and years to accomplish.

Now, as I talk with old and new friends, and listen as they
share what’s going on in their lives, instead of suggesting
a book to read or a practice to try … I offer to faciliate a
PSYCH-K process … knowing with 100% confidence that
this works.

No more fingers-crossed, I hope this works for you …

PSYCH-K works. 

Our next step is to complete the advanced class so that
we will be able to work with you remotely! We are seeking
donations to help with the expense of attending this vital
training. Will you help us? See what is possible for you
as one of our contributors! 


If you’d like to talk personally with me about PSYCH-K,
and learn how we can help you change your limiting beliefs,
all it takes is a phone call or text message (573-881-6715)
or send me a message on Facebook.


Trisha Barnes
PSYCH-K Certified Facilitator

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