It’s the chance of a lifetime! In a few hours, we’ll be traveling through states we haven’t seen before.

In another week, we’ll be crossing the border to Canada for the first time.

It’s a detour from our original roadtrip plans for this summer, but it’s one that we definitely wouldn’t, couldn’t miss … a chance of a lifetime!

Several weeks ago, we received an email from Dr. Bruce Lipton announcing a special opportunity for a select group of twenty people to attend a life-changing experience.  Consideration for the event required an email response telling why we wanted to attend.

We responded immediately, without hesitation, with our heartfelt, passionate reasons for attending.

This is something Bruce has always penciled in on his bucket list – penciled in because he knew the likelihood of being part of a sacred Native American ceremony was slim for outsiders.

When Bruce and I first met, he told me he was 1/3 hippie, 1/3 hillbilly, and 1/3 Native American.

Even though he cannot prove his Indian heritage, it has been apparent to others who have seen and felt the connection, including his step-dad who created this painting of Bruce in full Native American regalia.

While we waited to hear back from Dr. Lipton and with a strong desire to be chosen among the twenty, we applied for our passports. It was our way of taking a step in faith to say, “Hey, Universe, we are doing our part, now you do yours!”

The day we completed the passport applications at the post office is the day we returned home and found the email confirmation in our inbox!

We shouted! We cried!
We danced!

In another week, we will be immersed in preparing for and participating in the Cree Indian Sundance Ceremony in Alberta, the most important spiritual ritual of the natives of the North American Great Plains.

We will be living and working side by side among the tribe members … creating the elaborate ritual arbor, dancing in the Ceremony, honoring Mother Earth and learning from the wisdom of Chief White Standing Buffalo.

It is an honor beyond words.


It is a spiritual, sacred experience that will impact and change our lives.

We are heading to unknown territories, physically and spiritually.

And we couldn’t be more excited and ready!


Stay tuned … we’ll be back to share our stories and experiences.



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It is no accident that this chance of a lifetime has come to us
through Dr. Bruce Lipton. Here’s why.