Vanabode Dream

The Vanabode Dream – next on the Naked Hippies’ list!

What happens when your dream becomes your reality?

Another dream is born.  Another idea takes seed, and your imagination begins to run rampant!

That’s exactly what is happening to the Naked Hippies!

RV-living-the-naked-hippies-wayThe dream of living on the never-ending roadtrip came true and we’ve been living the dream since November 2013.   (You can read how that dream evolved into reality in our new book, the #1 Amazon Best Seller “RV LIVING: The Naked Hippies Way.”


one-year-on-the-naked-hippies-roadtripIn 2014, we traveled 18 states, 20,000 miles from Missouri all the way to the west coast.

We stood on the shores where the Columbia River pours into the Pacific Ocean, we stood among the giant Redwoods, we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Now, a new dream has surfaced … a new adventure for us.  And, just as before, we have no idea HOW or WHEN this will all fall into place for us … we just know that it will.

This is the dream … to live and travel in a Vanabode.

Read more about the lifestyle here and why it suits us perfectly.

Over the next several weeks and months, or however long it takes to manifest our Vanabode, I’ll be sharing our experience of what steps we’re taking to make space for this new home and lifestyle.

You must realize this … we are starting from ZERO … no savings or credit to use to purchase the vanabode and all that will be needed to furnish it for living and travel.

All that we have learned from the study of the Law of Attraction, quantum physics, neuroscience and personal growth is the key part of this journey.  We believe our Vanabode is already making its way to us … and the days, weeks, and months ahead  … however long it takes, will be our fantastic journey of manifesting this desire.