Living off the grid – the Vanabode way is not new to us, but …

we’ve had to figure and refigure this transition.

One thing we’ve learned on the Naked Hippies never-ending roadtip is this … if you stay in one place too long, you can get too comfortable and too used to a set routine …

so that when you move on, the transition to a new setting, a new routine is sometimes arduous.

We spent the summer in Eureka Springs with our dear friends and business partners.  We were spoiled in every way, for sure, and are so extremely grateful for their gracious hospitality.

But, we pulled out last weekend to come back to our Missouri River home to reconnect with our “roots” and the beauty and serenity of this place … AND to begin living off the grid. No electricity, no hookups, in preparation for our Vanabode lifestyle.

So, as we’ve had fun seeing old friends and getting situated on the banks of the river, we’ve had to figure out how to power our laptops and cell phones – to keep our business growing – since we don’t have unlimited internet and continuous electricity flowing to our devices.

We’re using a 12v battery and an inverter, just as we did when we lived here in a tent one summer. Read our story here!

So, it’s back to the basics again!

​It has made us mindful of our habits and caused us to plan more strategically for the work we do every day.

We even bought a portable CD player to use for the guided meditation series we are using so that we don’t use up all the laptop power while meditating.  You remember those portable CD players?

As always, there is a solution for everything that comes up, for everything that we want to do.  So, we’re making this transition pretty easily and having a ton of FUN figuring out our new “routine.”


We never pass up an invitation for a boat ride on the river!

A routine which includes time not only off the grid, but off the laptop and cell phone, to watch the river, dance under the full moon, listen to the coyotes and owls and cicadas, ride on the pontoon, and say “amen” to another wonderful day as we watch the sunset over the river.


This is what I collect now!

Interesting and exciting to me are the dragonflies that hover around me as I sit outside with my laptop or my journal.  The dragonfly animal totem represents transition, adaptability and reconnecting with Mother Nature.  BINGO!  Exactly what we are experiencing!


Beautiful messenger!

We’re parked right on the riverbank, under massive shade trees and have the most incredible view of this beautiful river from right to left as we fall asleep and wake up every day.

This is where we call “home”  because it’s where our dream went through its labor and birth.

And now, there’s a new “pregnancy!”  (hold on now  – read the previous sentence – it’s not ME!)

A new dream is going through the labor to be birthed in our lives … the dream of our Vanabode.

You can read all my journal entries about manifesting our Vanabode here.

So far, so great is how it feels to be living off the grid!

All in all, we still say “it doesn’t get any better than this … until it does!”


Immersed in nature, awed by the peace and serenity here.






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P.S.  The #1 question we are asked when people find out we live and travel full time on the never-ending roadtrip is this … “How do you afford to do this?”  If you’re asking that question in all seriousness because you have this urging within you to travel, to be free, to live life on your own terms … and you know that life is too short to wait … send me a message on FB or text me.  Let’s talk!
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