What the Redwoods taught me as I stood among these giants is an experience that was phenomenal.

I had always been drawn to the majesty and beauty of these magnificent trees. I gazed at countless pictures and constantly imagined what it would be like to physically stand in the presence of one of Nature’s glorious creations.

Several years ago, I was being interviewed about our lifestyle and our dream. At the time, we were still stationary – living full time in our camper, managing a campground in Missouri and building our business that would get us on the road to the freedom we desired.

As I shared the story of our dream of RV living on the never-ending roadtrip, the interviewer asked me, the interviewer asked me, “How will you know when you have made it, Trisha, what will be the sign, where will you be?”

My answer came out of the blue. It was something Bruce and I had never talked about. He expected me to say “when we get our dream home – our Roadtrek!”

But that’s not the words that came out of my mouth that day – and as I finish telling you this story – I think you’ll agree the Universe nudged me with the answer that had been with me all those times I had daydreamed and imagined being in the Redwood forest.

She asked … How will you know Trisha?”

And I answered, “When I stand in the Redwood forest.”

In August, 2014, I stood in the Redwood forest.

What the Redwoods taught me: I stood among giants and shared the feeling of strength and power

And, I cried.

I walked among the giant trees,
In awe,
In reverence.

I breathed in their fragrance…
I caressed their bark…
I stood among giants..
Reaching with them to the heavens…
Whispering thank you.

We had done it – we were free! We were living our dream!

I received a lot of insight from those redwoods as I walked and studied and worshiped there … lessons from nature that I know will inspire you as well as you seek to live your dream.

What the Redwoods taught me:

Have a support system.

Redwoods have a shallow root system which is remarkable since they grow to such heights and have massive trunks. They have no tap root – their root system extends over a hundred feet from the base -intertwining with the roots of other redwoods. This increases their stability during strong winds and floods.

What the Redwoods taught me: there is beauty in the toppled trees, there is life regenerated in death.









I was reminded of the strength of a group of people who come
together in one accord. A group of like-minded people is intertwined and inner-twined … to give each member strength to hold on when
the storm winds blow, when something doesn’t go right, when life interrupts and knocks you off our feet. Our roots “lock arms” so to speak.

We become a means of support – so we can each grow tall and mighty.

Leave a legacy. 

Here’s another fact that is so amazing about the roots of the Redwood trees. When one tree falls, new trees begin to grow from the fallen tree. The connection to the roots, the photosynthesis … allows new ones to begin their growth.

How true in life, isn’t it? The legacy you leave will be what brings forth growth in the lives of those who follow you. Kinda makes you wonder what kind of legacy you are leaving, doesn’t it?

You are protected.

A redwood’s bark can be 1 foot thick, and it contains tannin,
which protects the tree from fire, insects, fungus and diseases.
What the Redwoods taught me: Even when the fire surrounds me, I am not destroyed.














There is no known insect that can destroy a redwood tree. Fire is not a big threat because the trunk is thick, there’s lots of water inside the tree, and the bark doesn’t have flammable resin like a pine tree does.

You are loved and protected and nourished by the Universe, God, Source … whatever name you choose to give the higher power that is within and without … just as these mighty Redwoods are.

The more you are aware of your connection to the Source of All That Is, you will walk through fire and not be burned. Negative thoughts
and energy will not infect you. People’s opinions will not deter you from living your dream. You are immune, just as the redwood is immune
from insects, fungus and disease.

You are a child of the Universe. You are connected and protected and loved.

There was a reason the Universe spoke “redwoods” into my heart that day I was being interviewed. The time I spent in the Redwoods was a memorable spiritual experience that is difficult to put into words to make you feel what I felt.

But then, I saw this poem displayed in front of a majestic growth
of trees called the “cathedral trees” and when I read this, I knew why
the redwoods called me to come …

This is their temple vaulted high
And here we pause with reverent eye
With silent tongue and awe-struck soul:
For here we sense life’s proper goal.

To be like these, straight, true and fine,
To make our world, like theirs, a shrine:
Sink down. Oh traveler, on your knees
God stands before you in these trees.

Those of you reading this right now … KNOW THIS:

You are a giant … you are majestic and beautiful …

you are mighty and strong.

What the Redwoods taught me: I am no less loved, nurtured, and protected than the mighty Redwoods.














What the Redwoods taught me to tell you is that you are surrounded by people who believe in you and love you just the way you are. You are adored and loved by the Universe. You are. Absolutely. No doubt.

Stand tall as those redwoods – straight, true and fine. Be an example to the world, a shrine of bright light and love, strong and true.

There is one more delightful and inspiring twist to my Redwoods journey …

We left the Redwoods and drove down the coastal highway in an altered state of such visual delight that we felt like it was make-believe …  a magical dream. It’s that “high” that John Denver sings about … we were high on nature!

One thing we always say about our fun life is, “It doesn’t get any better than this … until it does.” And, even though we were on such a high frequency of gratefulness and awe for the beauty of the Redwoods experience, what happened next was the icing on the cake! It got better!

We headed towards San Francisco and I became as excited as a little kid opening birthday presents when I realized we were actually going to drive our Big Foot pickup camper across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

I was GIDDY! Heart pumping, camera ready, eyes wide open and jaw dropping excited. We were going to drive across this famous bridge that I had seen in so many movies!  (Watch the video of my whoops and hollers here!) 

It was absolutely thrilling and wonderful and beautiful!

You know how they say everything comes full circle? Here’s the really cool, most awesome way my Redwoods experience got even better:

The man who wrote that beautiful poem about the Redwoods was Robert B. Strauss is also the man who designed and built … the Golden Gate Bridge.

Amazing! I still get goosebumps when I think about this twist.

I have been so honored to share what the Redwoods taught me. I hope it has given you inspiration and motivation to continue on with your dream.

Have you been to the Redwoods? What was your experience? I’d love to hear!