Tell the Universe!  

The Journal of our Manifestation Journey


A very powerful way to manifest what you really really want is to tell the Universe by making a list.

Remember when you were a kid and wrote a letter to Santa, listing everything you wanted for Christmas?

Now, it was up to Mom and Dad to make sure that all or some of what you wanted was under the tree on Christmas morning.

But, the Universe IS real.  And, you don’t need your mom and dad or anyone else to get you what you want – you just need to make a list.

Bruce did this list writing process many years ago B.T. (before Trisha)

He made a list to tell the Universe of all the qualities he wanted in a girl.  Whenever he dated someone, he would weave into their conversations a question or comment that would readily tell him if this girl was “the one.”  (of course, he says that he wasn’t in a hurry – he was having loads of fun dating all those potential women!)

Here you go Bruce! Love, The Universe

Then he met me.

I met all the qualifications/desires he had listed … and then some!

It worked!


When we were looking for a place to live, we made a list

A list of everything we wanted in the apartment or duplex or house.  Our list included a washer and dryer, a dishwasher, a stove and refrigerator, two bedrooms, and these two most important requests:  the place had to be extremely easy for my 83 year old dad to find when he came to visit and we didn’t want any steps because Dad had heart issues that made climbing steps difficult.

We checked ads in the newspaper and scheduled appointments to see five or six places, and at the last minute noticed a tiny little ad for a duplex in the price range we could afford.  We called the number and scheduled to see this duplex first before all the others.

It was perfect.  It had everything we wanted … and then some!  It was a mile off the interstate. Dad could easily find it.  There were NO steps to climb.

Today, we made our list for our Vanabode, following the same process.

Our Vanabode is making its way to us!

We’ve done more research and we have specific needs and wants for our Vanabode.  Just as before, we are expecting the Universe to create this for us

… and then some!


We learned this process of making a list to tell the Universe what you really really want from the book “I’m Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams”
by Thomas L. Pauley and Penelope Pauley.

You can and should make your own list. 

Download the free  MP3 recording of my recent Journey to Magnificence call to learn how to begin writing your list.

You will need to get a new spiral notebook before you begin, and then set aside an hour of uninterrupted time for writing.

Here’s to your wildest dreams becoming real – and to our Vanabode finding its way to us!






Trisha (and Bruce!)
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These blog posts are my journal entries to record our experiences of manifesting our Vanabode.  Our hope is that you will be inspired and motivated to dream bigger and go after those dreams NOW!